Arguments For and Against Democracy — Debating Europe

The references cited in this article were not researched and investigated for accuracy by the author of this post. Join our team as a researcher or research assistant to help us probe deeper.

Here is an article that was posted on the “Debating Europe” website provides arguments both for and against democracy. The arguments against include:

The article says, “people simply don’t know enough about the issues. People are often duped into voting against their interests.” ​1​ That, is, the article says, “through no fault of their own.” ​1​ It is not a negative view of humanity, but it is just stating that for most issue, people do not have the knowledge to make a good decision. It references an article on Yahoo News.​2​

Siting an article publish on Politico Magazine ​3​, the article mentions that George Washington envisioned a democracy without political parties, yet, “All democratic systems devolve into partisan groups, damaging public wellbeing.” ​1​

The article states that throughout history, “Other political systems have thrived and prospered without democracy.” ​1​

While the article also includes arguments for democracy, those are not referenced here. For purpose of this blog category, we are interested in looking at arguments against democracy.

Systems of Liquid Democracy and our Bias-free voting platform might address arguments against democracy #1 & #2 presented in this article. For argument #3, we’d like to understand the connection with “quality of life,” and the different political systems. Further research can be done.


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