What is an Attribute-Value Pair

A attribute-value pair (sometimes called “key-value,” “name-value,” “tag-value” or “field-value” pair) is a pair of variables that are connected with an element stored in a system. For example say I have a database that stores members of a community in a database table. A attribute-value pair is a separate table linked and related to the member table that allows me to define two variables, a “Attribute” and a “Tag.” The key tells what the information is. For example it could be “Height” or “Weight.” Then the tag is the answer to the key for the specific member in my database table. For example for the “Height” key, the tag could be 5’11”.

Attribute-value pairs offer extreme flexibility in a database for storing information about an element or record stored in the database. As many attribute-value pairs may be added to describe that element or record.

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