Jay Ligda

I grew up the middle child between two siblings with strong personalities. This inspired me to look for solutions that would benefit all.

I was talented with science and numbers, so was encouraged to pursue a career in engineering. This came to a halt when I experience my first broken heart. This did three things: 1) I could no longer concentrate on calculus and physics, so I failed out of engineering. 2) It started me pondering questions of humans in the universe and I began studying philosophy, religion, psychology & any subject that would help me explain who we are and what we are doing here. 3) It started me on a journey of self-discovery after a friend recommended the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.

Still wishing to be practical, I changed my major to Industrial Technology, which I defined as learning to manipulate materials to make widgets for consumers. While this was for practical reasons, however I took many courses to pursue my intellectual passions. I graduated with 210 units out of the required 120. I wrote about the evolution of technology and how it affected the human condition.

I went back to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Holistic Health Education. I continued the theme of study of technology particularly the evolution of communication technology and how that affected social structure, people’s freedom and also their health from a holistic perspective.

After I graduated, in 1996, I began to write a book, Humans in the Universe, pulling together everything I has learned to explain humans in the universe. I became frustrated with the linear method or writing. I began to envision ways to use computers to write non-linearly. That was when I got my first computer connected to the Internet. I discovered the World Wide Web and the magic of HTML based web pages. This was the technology I was looking for! I taught myself website development to write my book (which became a website instead of a book). I then pursued a career developing website for people.

I watch Internet technology evolve at a rapid pace, but instead of becoming the ultimate technology to free humanity, I saw it give rise to Internet corporate giants. Something was missing.

As my career evolved, I became co-founder and CTO of SyncFab, a manufacturing company dedicated to “simplify digital transformation in the manufacturing supply chain to increase capacity utilization for suppliers – improve accessibility to OEM supply chain buyers – secure, incentivize and trace production data using blockchain – while reducing wasted resources for the planet.” That’s when I learned about blockchain. Blockchain! That it, that’s the missing technology that can lead to the freedom of humanity!

2019, on my 53rd birthday retreat, I went to the mountain to come up with inspiration for my life. As I journaled, an idea for a bias-free voting platform using blockchain emerged. That is what gave rise to this website / blog.

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